Meetings & Events

  • Electrify your audience.
  • Ignite full-on participation.
  • Build brand ambassadors.
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The most important day of any corporate meeting or event is the following Monday.

The value of personal contact and shared excitement is incalculable. But what happens afterwards… the relationships strengthened, initiatives launched and behaviors changed… makes a measurable difference. And that depends on the quality of the execution.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve produced hundreds of corporate meetings and events. And with each one, our focus has been to advance the business objective.

User Conferences. Leadership Summits. Sales Meetings. Global Town Halls. Travelling Road Shows. We produce them all, around the world.

  • CHINA*
  • BRAZIL (Sao Paolo)
  • TURKEY (Istanbul)
  • SAUDI ARABIA (Riyadh)
  • *Muliple Cites
  • RUSSIA (Moscow)
  • BELGIUM (Brussels)
  • SPAIN (Barcelona)
  • ENGLAND (London)
  • FRANCE (Paris)
  • GERMANY (Bremen)
  • AUSTALIA (Perth)

Architecting the attendee experience and engineering the production

We work closely with our clients to design the overall attendee experience and develop the technical plans to bring it to life, coordinating with venues and production vendors to create an immersive, memorable experience.

meeting photo

Creating the theme and bringing the messages to life through every touchpoint

Based on the outcomes you wish to achieve, we help write the key messages, design the overall look & feel, and produce all the materials and presentations necessary to profoundly connect attendees to your message and ignite their full-on participation in the event.

Executing the event on-site and preparing post-meeting communications

We coordinate all aspects of the production to deliver a seamless program. While there, we'll capture the key moments and develop a plan for how to fully leverage, cascade and reinforce the key messages after the meeting.

table discussion

Let’s create a live experience that influences what your key stakeholders think, feel and do.

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