Power of the PlusLocations

The Power of +

plus [pluhs]

  1. the addition of: the combination of individual elements to create a greater whole.
  2. an advantage: knowing the business is a decided plus.


positive [poz-i-tiv]

  1. with no possibility of doubt: working together they were positive they would succeed.


West Coast

33332 Valle Road - Suite 200
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92765

Ph: (949) 429.2266

East Coast

55 Corporate Drive
Trumbull, CT 06611

Ph: (203) 268-2960

The age of merely communicating to your customers and employees is over. Today, you have to connect and engage with them.


Over the years, we’ve attracted some pretty amazing and highly talented individuals
that are passionate about making a difference.


Lee Nichols, CEO

Lee is CEO of MossWarner and our sister company, Dechert-Hampe & Company. Lee has held executive positions with several large management consulting firms, specializing in sales and marketing issues. His client experience includes working with almost...

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Bob Smithers, President

Bob manages the day-to-day operations of the firm along with major client engagements and projects.  He began his agency career in New York over 25 years ago, and then moved to the Silicon Valley in...

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Marcy Kalina, Vice President

Marcy serves as the primary day-to-day contact for many of MossWarner’s key clients. She is a seasoned Account Manager and digital marketing specialist with 20 years of experience leading projects and creating effective strategic marketing...

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Douglas Blecher, Vice President

Doug Blecher provides strategic planning, program development and account services to MossWarner clients. He is an experienced communications professional with expertise in designing interactive technologies and developing engaging programs. Doug began his career with an...

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Don Moss, Executive Creative Director

Don is a founder of MossWarner, and oversees the development of the company’s creative product. For over 30 years, Don has worked in both graphic design and product design capacities. His areas of expertise include...

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Rusty Forman, Creative Director

Rusty Forman drives creative development on client engagements in both marketing and internal communications, in all media. For over thirty years, he has held senior creative positions at premier agencies and production companies. He’s been...

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Jack Fearing, Creative Director

Jack is an award winning creative director and designer who drives creative and interactive/web development for the MossWarner West Coast office. Jack began his career working with Y&R and later became the art director at...

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Lisa Smith, Creative Director

Lisa is responsible for art direction and design on many key MossWarner projects. Her expertise includes visual story telling; creating high impact executive presentations, directing an extended team of designers, theme and logo development, interactive...

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