Power of the PlusLocations

The Power of +

plus [pluhs]

  1. the addition of: the combination of individual elements to create a greater whole.
  2. an advantage: knowing the business is a decided plus.


positive [poz-i-tiv]

  1. with no possibility of doubt: working together they were positive they would succeed.


West Coast

33332 Valle Road - Suite 200
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92765

Ph: (949) 429.2266

East Coast

55 Corporate Drive
Trumbull, CT 06611

Ph: (203) 268-2960

The age of merely communicating to your customers and employees is over. Today, you have to connect and engage with them.

Our Process - 3 Simple Steps

Defining what positive changes your business needs to succeed. Meaningful insight is the key

Process – Step 2

Discover – understanding existing behavior

What are the existing opinions and behaviors among the audiences
that influence your business: What advantages do you have? What
can we do to generate change that is meaningful, unique and sustainable?