Power of the PlusLocations

The Power of +

plus [pluhs]

  1. the addition of: the combination of individual elements to create a greater whole.
  2. an advantage: knowing the business is a decided plus.


positive [poz-i-tiv]

  1. with no possibility of doubt: working together they were positive they would succeed.


West Coast

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San Juan Capistrano, CA 92765

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East Coast

55 Corporate Drive
Trumbull, CT 06611

Ph: (203) 268-2960

The age of merely communicating to your customers and employees is over. Today, you have to connect and engage with them.

Our Process - 3 Simple Steps

Defining what positive changes your business needs to succeed.
Meaningful insight is the key

Develop – the element of surprise

What is the one big idea? What will leverage your point of
difference and engage both your internal and external audiences?
What can we create that will surprise and engage our audiences – snap
them out of their current behavior and consider something new?