A brand represents a belief. A promise. An attitude. A point of connection.

The mechanics of a brand – the words… the design… the colors… the archetype… these are elements that help represent it. But its true essence is defined by how it makes you feel, and what it makes you want to do.

Brands are defined by what they mean to their audiences.

The deeper the up-front knowledge, the more on-target the brand message will be. That’s why our branding team includes researchers and analysts, in addition to the usual agency types (creative, production and project management professionals).

We follow a 4-step brand development process

Discovery – research, analysis, buyer personas, insights

Messaging – core messages and memorable RTB (Reasons To Believe)

Design – visual identity, look & feel, implementation applications

Launch Planning & Rollout –  internally including brand standards and style guidelines, and externally via traditional and social media