Internal communications can be marketing at its best.

To activate a strategy or effect change, you first have to get everyone on board – not just accepting it, but embracing it. That requires the same disciplines and processes as marketing to customers, but also needs to account for corporate culture and human behavior at a gut level. And that’s what we’ve done successfully for some of the world’s best-known companies.

Supporting leaders and advancing their agendas

Executive Communications – developing messaging and crafting presentations related to vision, culture and strategy; planning and producing summits, executive roadshows, and town halls (live and virtual)

Senior Leader Toolkits – equipping leaders with techniques and tools to engage their teams in the company’s vision, purpose and priorities

Line Manager Training & Tools – improving the communication effectiveness of managers through hands-on training, job aides and distance learning

Helping organizations effect change

Vision & Strategy Activation – helping employees understand how corporate vision and strategy translates into their everyday actions, and what’s expected of them

Change Management – breaking down barriers to desired employee behaviors by building knowledge, ability and recognition of its benefits to them

Culture Shifts – helping leaders and communicators rally employees around the company’s values and ways of working, to drive individual and team performance

Promoting engagement and retention

Onboarding – getting new people up to speed and excited about the business they’ve joined

Capability Development – equipping employees with knowledge and tools and providing opportunities to learn and grow

Recognition – enterprise-wide recognition programs to acknowledge jobs well done and highlight role-model behaviors

Building corporate brands

Employee Ambassadorship – tapping into the people who know and love the business to engage prospective talent and external stakeholders

Digital & Social Media Content – transforming authentic business news and employee experiences into impactful social media content

External Engagements – message development, training, and speaker support for leaders representing the business externally