Go in with a great story. Come out with a great win.

Whether it’s across the desk from customers or in a board room, ballroom, meeting room, town hall or training center, a great presentation achieves both intellectual and emotional buy-in. So presentation design is more than formatting the copy and decorating the page; it’s about meaningfully connecting people to your story.

Making everyday presentations easier for everyone

Virtually everyone uses PowerPoint or Keynote. We help you use them to make pitches more compelling, visions more vivid, strategies more engaging, directives more clear and lessons more memorable.

We make Large Format Presentations that energize audiences in a big way.

Addressing a large audience is like a performance. We create presentations for projection across large areas to create immersive experiences that inspire action and interaction throughout the room.

We create Multimedia Presentations that light up the screen.

For many presentations, we incorporate animated infographics, interactivity, embedded video clips and motion graphics to introduce topics and highlight key messages. The key is to know when and how to use these tools. And we do.

Creating big impact on small screens

  • Mobile-friendly Designs
  • Built-in Functionality for Media And Interactivity
  • Dedicated Mobile-formatted e-Book Presentations

Let’s talk about what you need for your next presentation.

We offer three tiers of presentation development, to fit every need:

Design Clean-up

You know what you want to say and you have all the necessary elements in place. You just need someone to provide minor design help and formatting.

Design Clean-up + Editorial Support

You have an idea of the information you want to convey, but you need help honing the message, developing impactful slides and designing basic graphics.

Content Development + Graphic Design

Your presentation needs structure, content and/or editing, as well as graphics, illustrations and charts to drive your points home.