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The Power of +

plus [pluhs]

  1. the addition of: the combination of individual elements to create a greater whole.
  2. an advantage: knowing the business is a decided plus.


positive [poz-i-tiv]

  1. with no possibility of doubt: working together they were positive they would succeed.


West Coast

33332 Valle Road - Suite 200
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92765

Ph: (949) 429.2266

East Coast

55 Corporate Drive
Trumbull, CT 06611

Ph: (203) 268-2960

The age of merely communicating to your customers and employees is over. Today, you have to connect and engage with them.

Lisa Smith, Creative Director

Lisa is responsible for art direction and design on many key MossWarner projects. Her expertise includes visual story telling; creating high impact executive presentations, directing an extended team of designers, theme and logo development, interactive look & feel and easy-to-use, brand-consistent presentation templates.

Lisa’s work as the graphics driver of MossWarner’s meeting production is especially notable. Working with clients and the MossWarner team, she develops high-level design themes, directs the formatting of diverse presentations based on that theme and provides on-site graphic direction in real time.

Lisa has been with MossWarner since the agency was founded. She began as a freelance designer working with both the Moss and Warner design groups before they merged into MossWarner, and has worked for the agency since, starting as a Junior Designer and progressing over time to her current senior-level position.

Lisa’s client experience includes Aetna, American Cancer Society, Cadbury, CIGNA, Coleco, D.A.R.E., Heublein, KPMG, Mars Inc., Nabisco, Norelco, Reach Local, Stanley Tools, Topps Inc., and others.

She has a BA in Graphic Design, with a Minor in Marketing, from Central Connecticut State University.