Fostering connections and commitment

As a business communications agency, we focus on meetings as the action points in a holistic, year-round continuum of face-to-face and virtual touch points in a hybrid work world. We design them to powerfully drive your vision, map your strategy, foster your culture and deliver shared experiences that build teams and inspire action.

Bringing stories to life on a grand scale

Eye-popping wide-screen content, hands-on creative and content support, seamless technology and flawless production bring stories to life in a big way. And with decades of experience in Business & Change Comms, we precisely craft the storytelling to achieve the event’s specific objectives.

  • In-person Meetings
  • Virtual Events
  • Remote Broadcasts
  • Hybrids

Creating broadcast-quality virtual events

We use broadcast techniques to provide a wide range of content-as-programming, often within custom immersive 3D environments, to produce both live and pre-recorded broadcast experiences for town halls, summits, launches, and other business communications.

Project Profile:

A global virtual meeting feels local to 4,000 attendees in 22 countries

To bring together a global leadership team, we choreographed live and pre-recorded sessions to stream in staggered shifts across 13 time zones, seamlessly integrating content programming with real-time interaction to deliver an immersive event that always felt fully connected to all attendees.

“This has been one of the most inspiring sessions of my career – a very engaging and energizing two and a half days. So much clarity on the strategy. Great organization to run these sessions flawlessly.”
~ Virtual Meeting Attendee

Nurturing engagement through entertainment

Meetings are serious business, but it’s often the fun parts that best move things along. So we create fun experiences like satires, parodies, musical and theatrical events that feature elements of interactivity, humor and humanity. They’ll laugh! They’ll cry! They’ll embrace what you’re saying, and they’ll act on it.

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