An Agency POV

Whether part of an ongoing relationship or a pure production engagement, we focus on the event’s contribution to our clients’ business objectives.

With an agency POV, we work as an extension of our clients. Our goal in producing meetings – in-person, virtual or hybrid – is always to help them to achieve their goals. Meetings are the means to that end.

Turning high-stakes gatherings into high-impact events

National Sales Meetings
Typical outcomes:
• Rallying internal teams around the latest brand plans and sales priorities
• Informing associates about annual priorities, corporate goals and expectations
• Equipping field and headquarter teams with new tools and techniques

Leadership Summits and Workshops
Typical outcomes:
• Aligning senior leaders around new strategic initiatives and priorities
• Initiating, expanding or continuing enterprise-wide change
• Launching communication cascades that extend deep into the organization over time

Board Meetings
Typical outcomes:
• Confirming strategic direction and summarizing progress toward goals
• Gaining approval of new investments and initiatives
• Ensuring shareholders are aligned on succession plans

Customer and User Group Meetings
Typical outcomes:
• Reinforcing customer and user loyalty with value-add content
• Enabling users to optimize the benefits of products and/or services
• Obtaining feedback for further product/service development

Participation in Industry/Association Events
Typical outcomes:
• Launching new products and/or services
• Raising awareness of products/services and their benefits
• Promoting and facilitating interaction and engagement with clients, customers and users