Sales people need great tools and the knowledge to use them properly.

All hail Sales people! There’s no job more vital to the growth of a business and they’re more likely to close more deals if they have the tools they need and have mastered the techniques of storytelling, persuasion and closing.

Equipping, sales people with customer-facing tools

  • Top-to-Top Presentations
  • Selling Stories
  • Account-specific Pitches
  • Product Demos
  • Promotional Videos

Elevating the conversation with analytics

We provide powerful Excel-based tools that can crunch through large amounts of account-specific data to create customized, fact-based recommendations, and elevate the conversation from a pitch to a consultation.

Keeping sales people informed and motivated

  • HTML Newsletters
  • Reference Guides
  • Educational Primers
  • Idea Books (e-Books, Slide Docs, etc.)

Advancing knowledge and skill through sales training

  • Online Self-paced Learning
  • Classroom Facilitation
  • Train-the-Trainer Programs